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Retirement Has Its Rewards

Rising Mountains was designed with the idea of helping residents stay healthy, active, oriented and socially engaged. There are plenty of opportunities for our residents to maintain friendships and family ties, take trips, attend events, and relax in a comforting, supportive environment. The social gatherings are numerous and participating is a delight! There’s never a lack of things to do in the community. We have a busy day ahead… or maybe not… you decide.


Our Activities Director always has something crafty up her sleeve. Shopping trips, educational outings, exercise programs, craft projects, table games, movies, a visit to local museums, a trip to Glacier National Park. Things that stimulate your mind, body and soul. Things that make life more interesting, challenging and rewarding. Choose activities that will energize and invigorate you and plan to join in the fun.

Special Events

Special buffets, dinners and barbecue events occur throughout the year for everyone’s enjoyment. Summertime finds us out on the patio enjoying the view. Keep an eye on the Calendar and live life to the fullest.





"My Mom, Elaine Toole Adkins, moved to Rising Mountains Assisted Living as an independent resident last spring. She loves it there!! The staff and care is over the top! Kind, caring and accommodating. She loves her apartment and the safety of having help when she needs it! As she moved into assisted care, the transition has been seamless for her! Her apartment is well appointed, as is the entire facility! Best decision for her and us, she is closer and it's a lovely place to visit her, or take in a meal or two in the dining room!!" Cherie Toole Hansen